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Who Is David Shands?

David is an inspiration to anyone with an idea to create what doesn’t yet exist. From employee to employer, David worked in various customer-oriented industries, all while building his own apparel business. He coined the phrase, “Sleep is 4 Suckers”, starting out with wristbands and a cool story, later evolving into a clothing line and a way of life. With entrepreneurship being his overarching area of expertise, David works to inspire and uplift many with his brand tag line “If you lose sleep doing what you love, you will eventually live the dream that you only would have dreamt”.

Since David quit his job at the Cheesecake Factory in 2012, his successful businesses, compelling story and unique teaching style has taken his speaking platform across the country. David has the unique ability to teach complicated subjects like entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership and mental toughness in a way that is being grasped and understood by audiences of all ages.

David has been an authority in the entrepreneurship arena helping individuals make the transition from their job to their dream for years, since he’s done it himself in 2012. David has a very unique ability to see the holes in your business and show you step-by-step how to patch them with easy to apply strategies. The objective of this coaching program is to help you build, market, and monetize your ideas, not by motivation, but with a money map!

David’s Coaching Programs



Your business, speaking career or personal brand will not outgrow your current ability to build it. In other words, your lack of resources are a reflection of your lack of resourcefulness. David will teach you how to grow from the inside out developing the skills necessary for success.


In this one on one private session, David will not only analyze your current business model or idea and put his mind and resources to work, but he will also craft a custom campaign, marketing and branding strategy specifically to fit your concept. Get ready to market and brand your business like a pro!


You have great idea, you’re will to work hard, and you have all the resources to be successful but you may be lacking the  information. Allow David to throw his ideas and personal resources at your brand and watch it build. David has a genius mind for marketing and branding so let’s get the word out there!

Testimonials from Previous Students

See how I helped cultivate these individuals on their journey for personal growth.

David is a driven and visionary leader – which is elegantly and descriptively expressed in his motivational speeches! He was captivating, commanding, and inspiring all in a positive way. Everyone needs to hear his story. My students were buzzing about him for the remainder of the semester! They were truly inspired. I’m looking forward to his next appearance in my classroom.”

Bethany Hines

Public Speaking Instructor, Georgia Perimeter College

He definitely leaves his mark on his audiences and provokes them to pursue a greater purpose. David is what I like to refer to as a gap filler of the generations because of his ability to close gaps of future generations as well as perhaps shed light on what is missing from the generations prior. He has a message that everyone needs to hear!”

Kimberly David

APS Paraprofessional for Students Support Services

“David’s words create cognitive murals that leave audiences with memories that last a lifetime. His natural born skill of story telling keeps him approachable while he shares his iconic thoughts.”

Martez Favis

Founder and CEO of R.E.A.L Boys R.E.A.L Men

Dreams Are Built Overnight

Staying the same is never an option after an encounter with David Shands, and this book explains why. If you’re ready to make the transition from your job to your dream like David has, we invite you into the pages of this well-written, easy to read work of art that will provide you with  a strategy to fire your boss and live your dreams!

Entrepreneurship 101

Entrepreneurship 101: Respect Failure

Millionaire Decoded

Entrepreneurship 101: First 4-8

Entrepreneurship 101: Social Media Isn’t Real!

Entrepreneurship 101: How to Obtain Financial Freedom

Entrepreneurship 101: Touch Me Again!

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