If You Stay Ready, You Don’t Have To Get Ready!

Who Is David Shands?

David was named one of Urban Shakes favorite Atlanta entrepreneurs and featured in major mainstream publications; not to mention countless online blogs, podcasts, and radio stations that reach out to him for exclusive interviews. David has been traveling the country alongside his mentor and world renowned motivational speaker Dr. Eric Thomas. In fact, David has been requested to be on Dr. Thomas’s latest country tours, “Stay Ready” in 2017 and “School Days with ET” in 2018.

His approach to speaking is a fusion of traditional education and the knowledge of life experiences. David has built a nationwide small business coaching program that teaches entrepreneurs across the country on how to turn their ideas into income. Painting pictures with words and using everyday life illustrations, David harbors a gift for speaking and uses that gift to invoke ambition. David is bringing up a new generation of entrepreneurs and continues to have a relatable message for everyone regardless of age.

David’s Message

David teaches entrepreneurship to start-up companies, business owners and to middle and high school age students. David’s message on entrepreneurship is to develop a mindset on how to think analytically by cultivating their creativity and strategic thoughts. David also teaches his audience about entrepreneurship in a simplified way that allows both current entrepreneurs and students to apply those practical concepts of strategically solving problems in both their personal and academic lives.

The lesson of entrepreneurship that David teaches fosters the goal of getting his audience to learn how to think critically and for his student audience, how to think critically and not what they memorize what they’re being taught in school. David’s message to his audience brings insightful business strategies and practical concepts that allow both audiences to see results with the actionable message he gives.

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